Monday, April 11, 2005


Quote of the Day: “There’s always a BOOM tomorrow.” S. Ivanova, Babylon 5

Song of the Day: radio

State of Mind: on painkillers. Look at all the pretty colors!

Date: 4/11/05

You would think that with all the monster movies Sci-Fi airs that it would be the scariest channel on the cable box; but no. Or, NBC because of plastic people eating fish guts and cow testicles. Nuh uh. The scariest channel award goes to The Discovery Channel. Why do I watch any of their specials? They always freak me out.
Last nights nightmare maker was “Supervolcano!” AKA ‘Let’s watch the world go to hell’. (It actually had an exclamation point in the title. That alone should have been a warning.) As one character says in this dramatization, “I suppose even though you put super in front of it doesn’t make it good.” Nope. That’s a bad thing.
Like an idiot I watched the second airing of this at 11:00 to 1 am, so as I drifted off to sleep afterward, I was taking a mental inventory of all my stuff and wondering how much it would cost for a generator, one of those giant freezers, and shelving to put in the cellar so I can stock up on a years worth of goods. How much water would one person need to last a year? How many cans of green beans should I get? How long would frozen shrimp last? If I had to evacuate, which books would I take? Is it too late to build a bomb shelter, and if I did, would my landlord get mad?
These aren’t relaxing thoughts, so now I am tired, cranky, and a little bit paranoid. LOL.

Another thing that scared me to death this weekend: watching a bunch of news anchors sitting around handicapping the vote for the new Pope. Are they kidding?
Here's an idea, how about we all just wait for the cardinals to vote. They will tell us who the next guy is. I promise. *heavy sigh*


mr. schprock said...

Yeah, supervolcanoes and people go together about as well as meteors and dinosaurs.

LucyDDCF said...

What What... all that research I did for you over the weekend and no mention of the lead singer of TOOL finding G*d ? Man. Talk about gratitude.

NYPinTA said...

I wrote this before then.
But that did take my mind off humanities impending doom.

L L said...

I do think it's too late for you to build a bomb shelter. All the good spots are taken. Unless you can talk KTM into letting you live in hers...

Hmmm... now there's an idea.