Friday, April 29, 2005

Junk Mail & Refrigerator thieves

Quote of the Day: “I might repeat to myself slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound - if I can remember any of the damn things.” Dorothy Parker

Song of the Day: “Carry On” as sung by Alana Davis

State of Mind: All right, but mostly because it is Friday.

Date: 4/29/05

I get a lot of junk mail, at home and in my email. At home, it is mostly offers for credit cards and lots of environmental charities looking for money… and using an awful lot of paper in the process. Is that irony? I’m not sure. At least the junk in my inbox isn’t made of paper, so it bothers me a lot less. Usually, I don’t even look at what it is they are selling, I just hit delete. This morning I got the weirdest email:
Image hosted by
(PS The image was much bigger in my junk mail. Don't know why it is so tiny here.)
Odd. Or am I the only one who thinks so? I don’t know why, but somehow this seems wrong. Would they seriously not give me a loan if they found out I’m an atheist? What if I was a Buddhist? Who doesn’t like Buddhists… besides China? Is there a quiz, with categories like ‘Know your Saints!’? How do they know who or what I believe in? And why should it matter anyhow? What does my faith or lack there of have to do with money?

In other news: What the hell goes through a persons mind when they open the fridge at their workplace where all their co workers keep their lunch and they come to the conclusion that they can take whatever they want?!?! Every time I get chicken strips from this deli down the street, I save half of them for the next day, and every time, someone eats one of them. Not all, just one. Why? What is the point? If you’re going to steal, at least be complete about it. I stopped getting them months ago, but I had a craving yesterday so I gave in. I thought that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t get eaten again. Boy was I wrong. I left two in there and the next day there was just one. WTF? Did they think I wouldn’t notice that I had only one? I can understand that some of the guys have to work late, but they know they have to work late. It’s scheduled. It isn’t like it’s a surprise. Plan accordingly you freaking putz and bring in something to eat. Geezus!

Also: My goal this weekend is simple. Go see “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” , and maybe do some laundry. That’s it. Oh and maybe, if it’s nice, go to the park and wallow in sunshine and silence. Woo hoo. I love weekends.

Lastly, random sentences said throughout the day at work by me:
It’s the worms.
Did you just growl?
Don’t play with my Stitch bobble head.
We are at their mercy.
Hey! Hey! Easy on the stress ball!
I don’t know what I was thinking. (I say that one a lot.)
I have some Pain Crushers.
I smell like onions!!


steve t said...

That junk email?
Odd? Yep.
A bit scary? Yep.
Surprising? Uh uh, not at all. *deep sigh*

Try leaving a note on the fridge door;
"Please stop eating my flamebroiled golden retriever strips. Get your own!"

Enjoy the movie.

Henry said...

Nice tip on the strips, Steve!

Maybe they do quiz you--"So Ms. pinta-we'd love to refinance you. Say I'm sorta fond of simon-whos your favorite disciple?"
you:"uh, peter"
them: "too cliche-TRY AGAIN"
"uh, fred"
"BLASPHEMER" *click*

trinamick said...

On my pop, I leave a note: I backwashed in this. On my food: I licked the chicken. Of course, that's in my own fridge, cuz my sister always comes over and steals my food. But once, I came home and there was a note back to me on the remainder of my pop: So did I.

NYPinTA said...

It took me a minute to figure out what you meant by 'pop'. Ohhh! Right! Soda! ;)
I'll have to try the notes... but everyone here probably wouldn't believe it. You know, cuz I'm not mean and all. *rollseyes*