Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day

Quote of the Day: "A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice." ~Bill Cosby

Song of the Day: "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who

State of mind: happy

Date: 4/22/05 Earth Day!

I have already asked that in honor of Earth Day, Henry not use the world as his dumpster today. He agreed, so for today, all is right with the world.

Today is also the first day at work without our check bouncing, bankruptcy filing accountant. Hmm. What a wierd feeling.
Yesterday I was on the phone arguing with a cop about just who is responsible for filing a 'lost plate report' and the next I am carrying a box of personal stuff for the accountant out to her car. It all happened in relative silence. And the only thing I could think was, 'damn, if I ever got fired, it would take me hours to gather up all my crap.' I spend more of my time at work, so I figured, might as well be homey.
There is a rumour that she was asked to leave because a few months back she asked the manager of this store for a loan to pay her bail because she knew a warrant for her arrest had been issued for bad checks she had written.
Um.. yeah. And she was the one in charge of all our money.


steve t said...

I opened up Yahoo this morning to see the headline "Bush cancels Earth Day". Then I widened the box and saw it was "Bush cancels Earth Day visit to Smokies." Oddly enough I was less surprised by the first one.

John said...

Baba O'Reilly

Henry said...

Thats funny Steve!
And --hard as it may be-I will refrain for TODAY ONLY-to not use the world as my dumpster.
On a similar note I saw thison MSNBC.
Sorry I dont know how to do nice nifty links in comments. :(

Henry said...

Well that didnt make sense--but you know what i meant.
Happy Earth Day!!! I guess

NYPinTA said...

John said: "Baba O'Reilly"
I like "Teenage Wasteland" better. I also call Led Zepplins untitled album 'IV'. Whatcha gonna do about it?! Huh? Huh!? Punk.

NYPinTA said...

"Bush cancels Earth Day".

I wouldn't be surprised by that either. *heavy, weary sigh* ;)

trinamick said...

The bookkeeper I replaced had worked as a bookkeeper for a bank before and bragged about it all the time. The only problem was that her former boss was jailed for embezzling.What's wrong with that picture?

steve t said...

I thought it WAS Led Zeppelin IV.

LucyDDCF said...

neener neener neener I got a copy of Silent Bob Speaks By Kevin Smith, before it SOLD OUT on the first day, and it's signed :P
~post has nothing to do with earth day or accounting, just needed to brag~