Monday, April 04, 2005

Discombobulating Mondays

Quote of the Day: “There is no gravity. The Earth sucks.” ~Graffito

Song of the Day: Little Girls’ Dream by Poe

Mood: gray- and yes Henry, gray is a mood!

Date: 4/4/05

I read somewhere that the human brain can only keep seven things in the forefront of the mind at one time.
I’m a little disappointed by that figure, but it does seem to be true.
For kicks, I thought I would list the seven things swimming around in my head today.
1)This blog entry.
2)New underwear, and how much I like it. Maybe because I hate doing laundry. If I ever won the lotto, my one eccentricity would be that I would wear my underwear only once and then get new. But then, I’d be able to afford someone to wash my cloths, but I don’t like the idea of someone touching my undies to wash them either.
3)Jim Morrison, because I got his biography in the mail on Friday. Sure the book is 14 years old, but the mans been dead for 34 years… or has he? Hmmmmm?
4)The mechanics of a fire fight as it would actually happen in space, because I have no idea, but would like to get it as real as possible.
5)The Hubble Telescope. I read recently that NASA is thinking of not fixing it, which is sad. But, I also remember reading that the University of California along with…someone else… is doing up the plans for an even bigger telescope that could catch images that would be 12X clearer. So, should we spend money to fix something that we are going to replace if we could spend the money on something else that NASA will screw up? Oh. That last part was mean. Oops.
6)Getting an apartment in Paris. Just so I can say, I have an apartment in Paris.
7)Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet that stopped writing poems before he was 20 and went to Africa to become a gunrunner. Wow. Talk about swinging from one extreme to another!

Notice how not one of them is about work. * Sigh * tsk tsk.
Another interesting tidbit with numbers: I was told once that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So, if you are doing something different in your life and it still feels like work after a couple of weeks, give it a few more days. Then let me know if it works or not. ;)

PS- Another favor, I need a good name for a bad guy. Male, a brute, and grunts a lot. Thanks.


Henry said...

Yes!!! Grey is a mood! Stunned is not-- :)

NYPinTA said...

Well, since 'stunned' is a state of mind, and mood is defined as being your state of mind, then I can put 'stunned' under 'mood'. So there! :P

LL said...

Male? A brute? Grunts a lot?



LucyDDCF said...

"Dad" dpes that work... use your dad's name oh oh oh .. or that big ugly lug of a cuzion of mine... either C or G

steve t said...

How about Rimbaud? (it does kinda sound like Rambo in french).

Jim Morrison - enjoy it, the guy was reading nietschze when he was like four. (okay, i exagerrated the age and the spelling).
btw - Jim Morrison died in Paris, you're thinking about an apartment in Paris, and Rimbaud probably ummm went to Paris? Francais fixee?

NYPinTA said...

"Francais fixee?"

Yes, but it's all coincidental. Sorta.

pulsar said...

lol, i was in Paris last week - it's ok, not my favorite place in Europe though (that award goes to Italy).

Hubble does indeed look like it's gonna be scrapped but the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) is indeed going up in the next few years and will have superior capabilities to Hubble - though pictures will be taken in IR :(

I'll let you know on the 21 days to become a habit theory :)

NYPinTA said...

"I'll let you know on the 21 days to become a habit theory :)"

Thanks. ;)

Someday, I'll be able to compare France and Italy... *sigh*