Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Quote of the Day: "Happiness is having a large loving family in another city." -- George Burns

Song of the Day: Radio

State of Mind: annoyed.

Date: 4/6/05

I let my sister and her daughter use a screen name that is attatched to my account so they can send me emails from Florida. Last week, I got at least 5 emails in my AOL email going over the Terms of Service. Why? Because my sweet, adorable neice got me booted when she was in a chat room.
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Look at her. The pig tails, the purple jeans, the cute little sneakers! But boy, does she have a mouth on her.
Unfortunately for her, AOL sends a transcript of what was said to the main account holder when someone gets booted. Of course, I couldn't read it until I called them and got a new password, because they froze my account. (Which, makes no sense to me at all. What is the point of sending TOS reminders to someone and then freeze them out so they can't get their emails?)
She called another girl a slut. Wow. She's 13. (That picture is a few years old...) I was calling other people much worse things when I was her age, but I did it at them... ok, most times it was behind their back, but at least I didn't do it when someone had a tape recorder in their hand. Being a kid now has got to suck. At least when I was growing up, things I said or did was not being recorded by electronic devices so adults can observe all that we were doing from afar. *shudders*

PS- Is is just me, or are all those pictures of the Cardinals, or Bishops, or whoever it is carrying around the Pope on a platter like he's a six foot submarine sandwich just a bit creepy?


trinamick said...

My brother used to record me and my sister swearing and then blackmail us, the jackass. We didn't have e-mail then, thank God.

Isn't it Cutthroat Island where the chase scene breaks up the funeral procession and the dead priest falls out of the coffin? That's what those pictures remind me of.

NYPinTA said...

LOL. You watched Cutthroat Island?

Henry said...

I never told you about the recordings I made of you back when nypinta?

Oh and the Pope-i just hope hes strapped to that thing-it seems awful shaky.

mr. schprock said...

It reminds me of when Ayatollah Khamenei died and, during the procession with the casket, the crowd grabbed at his body to tear off pieces of his funeral garments. His body might have been stripped entirely naked, or nearly so. the clothing was considered sacred, I think. It was bizarre.

trinamick said...

Yeah, I think I'm the only person who bought that movie willingly, and I am unashamed.

So, did she learn that word from you? Or are you just trying to place the blame on a poor, innocent girl?

NYPinTA said...

Well, I'm in NY and she is in Florida, so she totally learned it from me! LOL.

BTW- I just want to state for the record to anyone listening that might end up at my funeral that my cloths are in no way holy... so keep your paws off!

LucyDDCF said...

:O Henry... that was NYPINTA in that recording? You wild cat pinta .. go girl go