Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend killer knees

Quote of the Day: "I have nothing to say, and I am saying it, and that is poetry." ~John Cage

CD of the Day: I would say, but Steve T. thinks I listen to them too much. ;)

Mood: OK. But that could be the drugs talkin'.

Date: 3/14/05 Aren't mondays fun?

For some reason I can't comment on other peoples blogs. It is very frustrating. All this unexpressed wittyness might make my head explode.

A haiku:
Mondays really suck
because they start off the week
and end the weekend

Somehow, after waking up in the middle of the night from a strange dream, I hurt my knee. While in bed. Sleeping.
I stretched, a full body stretch, and I guess I locked my knees which in turn caused this sharp stabbing pain to radiate from it to the rest of my body. I think I made a noise, like *ugh* but I can't be sure because I could barely breath. I ended up putting a pillow under my knee which made it feel better and I think I slept. Or passed out from the pain... I can't tell which.
When I woke up at the proper time my knee felt fine. Maybe I am cursed. A curse that only effects me on sunday nights. And I just have to say: what the hell kind of wimpy ass curse is that?

Just for fun I thought I would put up a list of blog names that I rejected...

2) Chaos of the Mundane
3) Cyber Echos -(Yeah... I don't know what I was thinking either...)
4) Looking in the Rearview Mirror -(Which is based on a story about how I, who is a NASA junkie, would call up my sister who lives right across from Cape Kennedy and ask all excited if she had seen the latest launch and her bored reply would usually be, 'yeah, I saw it in my rearview mirror on the way to work.' What?! Bitch.)
5) Pushing Against the Ocean -or- Pushing Against the Paper Ocean
6) Stuff -(isn't that witty?)
7) Letting it Go -( I think I was trying to be New Age with this one...)
8) Rant-o-Rama
9) You Suck!
10) If I Ruled the World
BTW- any of these are up for grabs... except the "If I Ruled the World" one. I think the Great Amazo took that one...

PS- In case you ever want to know what the Gov't is up to:


steve t said...

Yeah, i had two days of non-commentability. So frustrating not to be able to share fascinating, witty thoughts like "you listen to too much Tool and Perfect Circle". Duh!
I kinda like the "Looking in the Rearview Mirror" title. Not saying its better than the current one, but its good. How about "Talking to the Mundane in the Rearview Mirror - o - Fuuuuuuuuck - o - Rama." Yeah. I know, "I Suck"!

NYPinTA said...

Hey! I can post!
'Talking to the Mundane in the Rearview Mirror' just sounds dangerous. :P

John said...

I think the one you ended up with was the best. It sounds...classy. Maybe too classy for the content. :)

Yeah, I reloaded the page a couple of times just so I got to be viewer 666.
Here it is for posterity: (It's especially eerie with the message below it...):