Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Typical Day at Work

Quote of the Day: "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans." John Lennon

CD of the Day: Reflection ~ Tool

Mood: light, since the weekend is only two days away.

Date: 3/3/05

A Typical Day at Work.

7:30 Wake up
8:30 Get up
8:31-8:51 Run around like a maniac because I didn't get up when my alarm went off.
9:03 Pull into work and run up the stairs then, just like Mr. Rogers, I change my shoes.
9:08 Check my email, a lot of which is from Frell Me Dead. (I am such a post whore) I wish the other sites I posted at would send email notices whenever someone responds. I hate posting something and then not seeing that some one responded till days later.
9:15 Eventually start my day by getting a glass of water...
9:30 Get my chocolate milk from our morning runner. YUM.
9:15-11:30 ish, do stuff work related.I could describe it but it is possible that you would die from boredom and I don't want that on my concious. A lot of it has to do with bugging the salesmen to get me stuff that I they should know by now I need. And filing.
11:14 I am hearing at this very moment a story that I have heard 4 times before.... *sigh*
11 ish to 12:30 alternate between work related stuff and play on the internet. (Some of the stuff I do in the net is educational however. Just the other day I looked up the history of chocolate. Did you know the Aztecs called it the 'food of the gods'? Smart people those Aztecs. Too bad they are gone...Good going Cortes. Jerk.) Also at this time we all discuss what to get for lunch. I swear it is the toughest decision of the day. I have a file folder on my desk filled with nothing but menus from all the places around us seperated in alphabetical order with two sections: deliver, not deliver. I'm not this organized with anything else BTW.
12:30 Lunch! Usually I go with one of the many options in the folder, but since I am now trying to save money to buy a house I have been 'brown bagging' it. Today: Frozen Lasagna.
1:00 Back to the internet, er, I mean work.
1:00-4:30 Work while trying not to listen to my co-workers and their gross, annoying, repetitive stories. Then at 4:30 they leave.
4:31 Sweet bliss, I have the office to myself.
4:31-6:00 Work and put up with the same questions at least 10 times everday from every salesman that walks into the office: "They left you all alone?" or "Working late?" No, I am not working late. I have had these hours for over a year now dumbass!
6:00 Go home.
Then I get to do it all over again, 5 times a week. Oh joy.

Last thrusday, I didn't do any of this stuff. I called in sick. I wasn't sick sick, but I was on the verge of it. I woke up feeling bad. Bad enough to not work, but good enough to watch Keen Eddie DVDs all day. Well, apparently while I was gone, it occured to some that no one else has a clue how to do what I do. It isn't rocket science for crying out loud, but a lot of people had to figure out how to do what I do and a lot of other people got steamed wiating for them to do so... heh. I feel kind of bad, but no... not really.
It isn't like I call in sick a lot. Last year I did so only 3 times. Shouldn't I get some sort of plaque for that?
Two of the three women in the office can barely make a full work week with out having at least one day that they have to go somewhere. One survived breast cancer, so she has a lot of monitoring and check ups, so I think I will cut her some slack. The other however, uses a medical condition as an excuse but I suspect half of the time she is gone it is to deal with the bounced checks she writes, or her druggie son, or other nefarious schemes my innocent brain cannot even concieve of.... And while they are out galavanting all over the country side I am here from 9:00 ish to 6:00 every day plowng through the pile of paperwork that multiplies on my desk; geometrically. I have no idea where this work ethic came from since in truth I am a lazy lazy procrastinator.


mr. schprock said...

I really identify with much of what you wrote AND you cited my all-time favorite John Lennon lyric. As they say in Boston, wicked good!

trinamick said...

I feel your pain. Except for the menu choices. I can either go to Subway, Pizza Hut, or the ghetto McDonald's with the half-menu. Or I can go home.

Incidentally, how did you put a counter on your page? I like it!

NYPinTA said...

I'm kind of proud of that!
Click the link below it, pick one, type in the stuff and copy the code into your template. I put it right above "end html" and below "end footer" (Or something...)

We don't have a Pizza Hut, but we have a Wendy's. The rest of the places are local deli like places.

NYPinTA said...

This is at the very bottom of the template:

< body>

the code they give you goes here....

< html>

Henry said...

You should probably add another lazy in your last sentence--just to be sure

Oh yeah-I agree about those duggies-they are really a drain on society

NYPinTA said...

What's a 'duggie'? ;)

And PPBBLT about the lazy! :( LOL.

Henry said...

OK you caught me--I was just agreeing with your post hoping you didnt notice that I have no idea what a duggie is.

(what is a duggie?)

NYPinTA said...

*whistles innocently* I think you need to get your contacts checked...
;) Nope. No 'duggies' here.

Henry said...

I knew youd do that--so I saved a screenshot!! No I didnt, but it sounded good. ps-havent done the contact thing in years...

NYPinTA said...

OK, glasses then? Or are you just fumbling around and guessing what all the big fuzzy shapes around you are? ;)

I. M. High said...

You know, if I had any employees, I'd let them call in drunk 3 times a year...

steve t said...

Thanks for the "counter" tips - I copied one onto my science blog and apparently it shows up in a different place when the page is opened on other computers (I think its at the bottom).
Its in Chinese numerals, and I can't read Chinese! Is that stupid or what?

btw - I'd recommend thawing out and heating up the frozen lasagne before eating it. Its just a suggestion.

NYPinTA said...

"I'd recommend thawing out and heating up the frozen lasagne before eating it. Its just a suggestion."
Oh! So that is what I have doing wrong! ;)
I.M.High, are you running for president... cuz you have my vote! LOL.
We need mandatory snow days. A day that is chosen at random when the Fed Gov activates the Emergency Broadcast System and tells everyone: You don't have to go to work today! Go out and play!
That would be sweet.