Friday, March 11, 2005

Trauma High

Quote of the Day: "Start every day with a smile and get it over with." - W. C. Fields

CD of the Day: "3 Libras"~ A Perfect Circle

Mood: Glad it is Friday.

Date: 3/11/05

I went to a High School that was fraught with trauma. I should have a stress disorder of some kind. As you may remember, my chemistry treacher set me on fire. The Earth Science teacher was caught giving drugs and alcohol to the ski club. (I knew I should have joined more clubs!) One Guidance Counselor killed himself. For three weeks straight we had a bomb threat every day, (and this was way pre-9-11, so the kid who did it didn't get 50 to life for the prank.) And to top it all off, our Biology teacher tried to kill some of the staff, (although a lot more of us wanted too...)
He poisoned candy and brought it to school, put it in the teachers lounge before anyone else showed up, claimed he found it there from a student, and then watched as the Earth Science teacher ate some. The E.S. teacher ended up in the hospital. I forget what exactly it was he put in the candy, but it was something that he had easily access to - which is how the authorities figured out it was him and not a sudent. The theory is that he did it so he could kill his wife for the insurance money and pay back both the school Senior Class fund that he was the advising teacher for and the Firemans fund that he was the treasurer for. I guess they figured he would make it look like a school prank gone wrong. Great guy. Turns out he had been embezzling money to pay for the new house he had just built.
I knew something was up with him when he claimed my sister never turned in money for some school drive. I remember clearly my mother saying, "Give me the money and I will write a check." But nooooooooooo. My sister didn't want to do that. So, he took it. Who was going to believe a student over a homicidal thieving teacher? Oh right. Our Principal would.
For 3 years that school bugged my sister, (and a bunch of other students), for money they all swore they turned in. After he was caught stealing, (and attempting murder), the school never called to apologized for harassing them all that time.
The drama continues because last year the Earth Science teacher, (the poisoned one), got into a fight with his wife, had the cops called on him, and when they showed up to arrest him he took off triggering a Statewide manhunt. They closed the school, (with the kids in it. They wouldn't let them go home. Bastards.), because they thought he would show up and do some damage or something. Right.
Maybe he should claim some latent trauma to almost being killed by a batch of bad Hershey kisses. Yeah. That could work.


mr. schprock said...

I really enjoyed today's entry and the one you referred to (catching on fire). Do you realize you have just sketched the premise for a screenplay? This takes "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Ferris Bueller" to another level! And "Trauma High" is a perfect title!

LucyDDCF said...

She really did get lit on fire. But I kinda remember it differently like the teacher torched her ;). As for "Trauma High" what about the time we all got suspended becasue of T and the beer in the gym locker room... GRRRR....

steve t said...

I love it when "real" people authenticate blog stories!
Blogger prevented me from suggesting that i send you some CDs because you listen to way too much Tool and Perfect Circle.

NYPinTA said...

"Blogger prevented me from suggesting that i send you some CDs because you listen to way too much Tool and Perfect Circle."

Ahh then! An upside to not being able to post a comment. ;)
Too much Tool... not possible. LOL.

LucyDDCF said...

hey pita, found this link, reminded me of you ... laughing...