Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Quote of the Day: "Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly each day."~ William Allingham
"Well, today is not my day then."~ me.

CD of the Day: A Perfect Circle- 'Mer De Noms'

Mood: Alright.

Date: 3/9/05

I sold my first book on Woo hoo. Just to see how it worked, I put up one book for sale and because there was 367 others also for sale I didn't think anyone would buy mine... and yet, I checked my email today and there it was... a notification of purchase. Cool. Now I have to actually mail the thing.
"Life of Pi" was a book I bought based on the description in my BOMC catalog. It isn't the type of book I normally read, but the idea of a boy surviving being lost at sea in a boat with a tiger was just too odd to pass up. (Plus, the cover was really cool. Which means you can judge a book by the cover sometimes.)
If someone ever gives you this book to read, do so; but skip that last ten pages or so. Trust me. Those last ten pages gave my nightmares for days...

In other news, my ballots for the Saturn Awards are in the mail! I only got to vote for the major catagories this year, so all that time I spent in front of the TV watching movies to cover all the catagories was for naught. (Well... not really. If I am anything, I am a SciFi/ Fantasy/ Gratuitous Violent movie loving couch potato. I just wanted to use the word 'naught'.)

My votes:
Best Sci Fi Film: "I,Robot"
Best Fantasy Film: "Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkabahn" BTW, I am pretty sure I spelt Azkabahn wrong.
Best Horror: Well, I skipped that one. I hate horror films. But, since "Open Water" could and has actually happened, it makes it much scarier then... say... "Dawn of the Dead".
Best Action Adventure Thriller: "Kill Bill, Vol II." Come on, she dug herself out of a grave!!

Best Network TV Series: Angel
Best Syndicated/ Cable TV Series: The Dead Zone
Best TV Presentation: Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars
Best Actor On TV: Ben Browder- Farscape: PK Wars
Best Actress On TV: Claudia Black- Farscape: PK Wars
Best Supporting Actor On TV: James Marsters- Angel
Best Supporting Actress On TV: Amy Acker- Angel

I am disappointed that I didn't get to vote for the other catagories though, but I will just have to trust that whoever does get to vote for them isn't a moron.

At work: This has got to be the slowest week we have ever had, but I keep getting annoying phone calls from people expecting me to do stuff. Don't they know I don't want to do anything?! Duh. Call back next week when I am motivated to fix things for you! Sheesh.


trinamick said...

I've never sold on Amazon, but works great for selling books. Everything else I buy or sell on eBay. I'm much better at buying than I am at selling.

mr. schprock said...

Wasn't "White Chicks" in the horror movie category? That sure looked scary to me. What didn't you vote for that?

NYPinTA said...

I should have written in "White Chicks." Sorry. I'll do better next time. ;) LOL.