Sunday, March 06, 2005

Saturday nights alright for fighting....

Quote of the Day: "The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village." Marshall H. McLuhan. "We are all screwed then." Me.

CD of the Day: too many to name.

Mood: fiesty & weary.

Date: 3/5/05

My cat loves to sit in front of my computer screen. No wonder I spend all my time surfing the net when I am at work. Can't do it with her furry butt in the way.

I get a lot of junk mail. That bugs me. All that wasted paper...
I got a lot of it today... but I also got two club catalogs. My DVD club and CD club. Actually for a while there, I belonged to two CD clubs, two book clubs, and one DVD club. Now, only one of each. (Trying to simplify.) Anyhow, I got the two today and as I was perusing the goodies I noticed something: of all the albums by female artists that chose to put their own image on the cover did so in various forms of undress. But on all the albums where a male artist had themselves on the cover, they were wearing clothes... sometimes multiple layers. Why in the hell is that? Most albums by female artists have songs geared towards women anyhow; do they really think posing on the cover in their underwear is going to help the album sell?? (Although there does seem to be a direct connection to the amount of talent vs. how much they were willing to expose. Less talent=less cloths. Whatever.) So fellas, do you really buy Britney Spears new album just to look at her in her underwear? If so, you suck.

Also, can someone please get Martha Stewart out of my face? Sure, the women was my hero ever since I heard the story of her pining a construction worker to her garage with her car to stop him from building a fence next to her property, but I don't need to know every five minutes how she is doing, or what she is doing, or what she is having for dinner! Sheesh! Although, I am still a little confused as to how someone gets convicted for lying when they didn't have enough to convict her for insider trading. If they couldn't prove she was guilty of insider trading, then how do they know she was lying? Because someone said so? Then it becomes a case of 'he said/she said', and if your on a jury and all that you have to guy by is the testimony of the two people who had the conversation, how can you say without a doubt that you believe one over the other? Doesn't make sense... Anyhow, she's home having capaccinos. Get over it.

Last thing today: Every single news organization that sent a crew to cover the Jackson trial, (oh, you know which one I am talking about), described it as a media circus. Did they all forget that they are the media?!? It wouldn't be a circus if they weren't all there. Duh.


Mark Eting said...

I'm thinkin... you've come off a hard night of drinkin.

As for the album covers...
If, as you've admitted, the songs contained therein are specifically targeted toward women, they've got to try something to get guys to buy it. Marketing baby. ; {P

Not that it actually works...

NYPinTA said...

"I'm thinkin... you've come off a hard night of drinkin."
No, but I should give it a shot. ;)
BTW- nice name. *rolls eyes*: hahaha.