Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Non Sequitor

Quote of the Day:"What the hell are you looking at?" License plate slogan for New York, suggested by Steven Pearl.

Song of the Day: In the Light ~Led Zepplin

Mood: ok

Date: 3/30/05

Funny words to say:
(the kind you should avoid if high)

aurora borealis
non sequitor

I heard on the news last night that Johnny Cochran died and the first thing I thought was this:
If the spirit fled
you must be dead.

Also on the news was the "Toad Migration" that happens every year in Germany. And every year hundreds if not thousands of toads get killed trying to cross the road even though the German government cared enough to put up signs. "Toad Crossing." And every year, our media does the story and the anchors giggle as they tell it.
All it reminded me of was that fact that my sister is afraid of frogs. When she was five she was sure one bit her; so, naturally, every Christmas I buy her something with a frog on it.

A friend of mine who does astrological charts gave me the good news that I am a Triple Virgo. I am not sure what that means, but I use it to explain when I am about to do something tedious and nit picky. Like, my other blog. I am going to be fiddling with it again. For some reason, I couldn't get the link to my last post, (that I put at the end of the others), to show up. I don't know why. So, the idea of altering the date on successive posts so that they appear after a section that precedes in so you can read the story from start to finish is in jeopardy.... baby... oooo.... So, now I have a new plan, which includes a lot of messing around. If it's the easiest way to do something, I won't do it. I guess it is kind of like when you are in a car with a guy, and he will drive 3 blocks out of the way to avoid sitting at a light for a few minutes, because he thinks that as long as the car is moving forward you are making progress, even though if you had sat at that light, you would have gotten through to the other side in much less time.

That's all I got for today.


trinamick said...

My grandpa's afraid of toads. He'll freak out if you bring one anywhere near him. It's hilarious. Unless he started chest pains or something. Then it would just be mildly funny.

steve t said...

If the heart won't beat
You must life queet
(Poetic license - works with a spanish accent)

Yeah, I have some pretty elaborate detour routes in the event of red lights. What I really need is some of that software used by the guy who invented Napster in "The Italian Job" to change the lights.
Oh, and a computer in my car .....

Henry said...

Steve I'm with you--I have the same thing going on in my head too. I see that red, and I'm turning! nypinta-to me it's not the fact that you may or may not be better of sitting, its that you are NOT SITTING.
Oh and Steve-they may suspend that poetic license with that Cochranism. :)

John said...

I used to get Entertainment Weekly, until their 30 word vocabulary made me wish everyone in Hollywood got lyme disease and while they were on the way to the doctor, they saw a poster with a dolphin on it, and at that moment decided to quit acting in persuit of their dreams of become marine biologists, so the hack writers would have nothing to write about and all die of dysentery. Friggin' hacks, making me write all that just to explain how much I hate them. Anyway, because of them, I hate the word über with all the fiery passion of hell.

NYPinTA said...

^^ See that. That is the kind of rant you get when high and you see a funny word. (Stop sniffing the markers John!)
Just saying.

trinamick said...

Dysentery? Diarrhea forever?

LucyDDCF said...

UMMMM... WTF does John's comment have to do with PINTA's post? I agree. Sniffin markers or gear lube. :D
"When in doubt
Sniff it out" :P

John said...

One of the words she mentioned was "uber." My comment was that I that I hate that word.

LucyDDCF said...

For John, sniff some more markers.
"Aurora Borealis is known to trounce around in a bizarre uberly (used correctly?) slinky like way in sherbert colors that can put you in a haberdashery coma..." Said the grommet to the non=squiter
Oh yea, I got some white out... want that too?

NYPinTA said...

"Anyway, because of them, I hate the word über with all the fiery passion of hell."

BTW- now that I know this, I don't plan on using the word uber a lot. Really... I don't. ;)

LucyDDCF said...

HA did you know that there is an actual Uber pannel? Here is the link you might have to copy paste it in your http bar.