Friday, March 25, 2005

Ideas and cleanliness.

Quote of the Day: "When ideas fail, words come in very handy." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Song of the Day: for some reason, I woke up with 'Against the Odds' by Phil Collins in my head; so it wins I guess.

Mood: good

Date: 3/25/05 Good Friday. (But it wasn't for someone.)

The best ideas I have happen in the shower.
Now, I know that sentence is structured as such that it could be interpreted in several ways. So, we can pause here while some of you let whatever popped into your head plays out...
Done? Good. Pervs.
Anyhow, having these great ideas in the shower is NOT good. Why? Because I don't have a pen.
I guess if I really wanted to, I could use a dry erase marker because my shower is surrounded by this plastic melomine fake marble stuff. Actually, the whole bathroom is fake marble. I walk in there sometimes and feel like I've been swallowed by a boulder. (A tacky, marblized boulder.) However, I don't think the dry erase marker would work because the water would wash it off as I was writing.
I could get out and use the mirror a la the opening sequence from "Good Will Hunting", but that wouldn't work either because of the steam. The words would run and I would get a frustrated. And the last thing you want while in a little fake marble room covered with a layer of condensation is to be bare foot and annoyed. I get clumsy when I'm... well... awake, but more so when I am annoyed. I read somewhere that most accidents that happen in the home, happen in the bathroom. I doubt most happen while some one is writing on the wall, but something must be going on in our bathrooms to make it such a dangerous room.
So, it's a vicious circle I guess. I have the idea and try to remember it long enough to finish my shower, get out, dry off, then write it down... and not forget anything. (Which, never works.)

BTW- I did think up this whole entry in the shower. But trust me- it was much more interesting then.


steve t said...

I bet it was!

LL said...

How could it have possibly been more inter... *yawn*... esting than what you posted?

NYPinTA said...

In the immortal words of generic_screename: shut up. :P

Stellar said...

The only ideas I ever get in the shower quickly resolve themselves.

Stellar said...
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LL said...

"In the immortal words of generic_screename: shut up. :P "

Wha? :innocent:


LucyDDCF said...

shower ideas... thats way f**ked up. I was thinking about a post a few days ago pertaining to the same thought process or similar at least. WANT A SOLUTION? OK welll i'm gonna give it anyway. Put one of them handy dandy tape recorders on the back of the tolit or sink or whatever is closest to the shower and "sing" in the shower only say your ideas and listen to them later.
My best Idea's "cum" to me in the shower to ;)