Friday, March 04, 2005

Haikus and chocolate cake

Quote of the Day: "I want it now!" the brat in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

CD of the Day: Fiona Apple ~Tidal

Mood: Jumpy. Might be all the chocolate?

Date: 3/4/05 Oh hey! 3-4-5... Well, it was intersting to me.

Ok... actually doing work isn't, um, working. So, I worte a few haikus. Damn, I am out of practice cuz these suck. Here they are anyhow.
BTW, why the heck is my profile and links at the bottom of this thing??? *grr*

I hate filing
I hate stuff on my desk more
It is a puzzle

...and more filing
putting papers in their place
oh yeah... I'm fulfilled

Thank god it's friday
I get to sleep tomorrow
at least until noon

ode to my mattress:
I did pay too much for you
but damn! You're comfy

yum... cake for breakfast
everyday should start like this
cake and choclate milk

got my lein release
that baby is all mine now!
all 4 cylinders

winter in New York
not a cloud in the sky and
24 degrees

if I gotta hear
Rod Stewart sing one more time
I think I will kill

talking to herself
she counts our money... again
kinda like Rainman

sniffing the marker
gotta pass the time somehow
oh look... the colors...

Got a contact high
from our office supplies
now I can't stop smiling...


Henry said...

I just knew that work thing wasn't going

NYPinTA said...

yeah... I need help. LOL.

lenlen said...

nice blog!

it t'was nice to know that i'd encounter someone who think the same way as i am...

how? like this... --->>> Date: 3/4/05 Oh hey! 3-4-5... Well, it was intersting to me.

steve t said...

I bet you were pretty excited on Jan 2nd, two years ago!
btw - what is a haiku - I mean i can see what they are, but what are they?

NYPinTA said...

Ya know, I thought I would jump on the net and get a quick description of a haiku, but no can do. Found this page instead:
Or just believe me when I say they are Japanese poems that are 17 syllables long.
Some good ones here:
And some not so good ones too.

NYPinTA said...

"lenlen said...
nice blog!"

Thanks. :)

steve t said...

Thanks - I'll check out the sites.
Have to at least find out the significance of 17.

trinamick said...

Five syllables.
Then seven.
Then five again.
It's poetry for those who can't rhyme.