Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Won't you be my neighbor? (aka: blah blah blog)

Quote of the Day: ‘Although it is admirable to be wiser than others, it is unwise to tell them.’ Unkown

CD of the Day: Queen ~Bohemian Rhapsody

Mood: surprisingly good considering that I got up early. That never happens.

Date: 2/2/05 (Groundhog Day)

I got to thinking about all the blogs that are now all over the Internet. I started mine by accident... and so far I am having fun with it. I read a few others, but mostly those by people that I already know, (although, if you post a comment and you have a blog, chances are good I will read yours too).
I decided to hit that 'next blog' button at the top of the page to determine just who my neighbors on the World Wide Web were. I don't think the pages stays the same though and that makes me wonder how exactly they are arranged. It isn't by the alphabet, or language even, and it certainly isn't by latest post since a few of the pages right next to mine haven't been updated since 2000. (Were there blogs in the year 2000? And when you read the words in 'the year 2000' do you automatically hear Conan O'Brian’s trumpet player doing that voice...? No? Me either.)
Anyhow, here is a sampling of what I found, complete with witty comments by me:
Now this one I know isn't in English, but it doesn't much matter since there aren't any posts.
Apparently this person wants to go back to school.
Now this one could be useful. I am tempted to post comments, just to mess with ‘em though. Ask for specific things like the poster was Jeeves... anyone else want in on that action?
Wonder if he would do a list up of great places to get a colonoscopy if we asked real nice? Not that I am eager for one… it’s just funny.
Ad or blog? Hmmm. Surprisingly Ashley has no profile either... I smell a capitalist rat! Oh wait, I just joined the ACLU... rock on Ashley! Say your peace. Do your thing. You have the right.

There was a site devoted to single Christians in Delaware, and I was going to post something funny about that, but then I realized I was sitting near a lot of electrical equipment and if God was feeling lazy, a thunderbolt would NOT be needed to do any smiting.
Some of that is English right, or am I imagining that? Because the rest, I can't understand.
BTW, it isn’t as if I believe that all blogs should be in English… It is just an observation. And it reminds me of Star Trek. (Trust me, it will make sense in a minute…) There is an episode that Harlan Ellison wrote, but won’t admit he did because he is pissed at the changes they made, called (I think) the ‘City on the Edge of Forever’. During this episode Kirk and Spock have to go back in time to find Doc McCoy because he messes up our timeline. They end up in Depression era Chicago and of course the Captain falls in love… but that isn’t what I wanted to say… when they first arrive Spock notes that the English everyone is speaking isn’t recognizable to them and they must use the translator till they pick it up. 200 years is a long time and language is indeed fluid, or so they say. An example ‘they’ always used to back that up is Shakespeare. That is how everyone talked back then, they say. Well, I don’t believe it. I think everyone talked just like we do now (but with out the shizzle and fizzle stuff,) and he just wrote his plays in the incomprehensible way because if you ever give someone the choice between admitting that they have no idea what you are saying or pretending you are a genius, they pick genius every time. Einstein? Idiot. Really.
Well ok, not really.
Anyhow, my point is that maybe, just maybe, this blog is being written by someone from the future and that is why only half of it is recognizable to me.
Could be true.

I should close this with a list of blogs that I do read so far.
(I could read blogs that are politically motivated, but that is what the news is for.)
I am thinking of starting a petition to get him to update though…
Only cuz chances are there will be an embarrassing story about generic_screename, whose blog is this:


trinamick said...

Hey, I feel so honored! I agree that stellar really should be encouraged to spread his wit with us more frequently. What am I to do without Southern genius to keep me going?

John said...

Always with the embarrassing stories, that one.

NYPinTA said...

^He is evil, that one. :D
In our circle her in NY we have a friend who fullfills that function. He looks just like Hodgy (spelling?) from Johnny Quest.

NYPinTA said...

So trin, we can go one of two ways with pestering stellar... multiple PMs a day, or a thread... full of wit and sarcasm and tons of guilt. :D Or, we could ask him nice like.

NineToez said...

OMG, I wonder what you would say about my blog!