Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursdays are nice.

No quote of that day... oh wait, maybe this one: "Argg.. I'm not gonna make it into work today. My head feels like a lead ballon."
Yep. I played hookey today. Is that how you spell 'hookey'? It looks odd... Anyhow, I spent the day vegging in front of the tube. Watched Dead Zone, and Keen Eddie eps on DVD. Guess it was an all 'blonde hair & blue eyed hot man' day. That's odd too. I usually don't like blondes.
Then I watched the UFO special with Peter Jennings... which I think is ironic that he would air such a special from the slant that he doesn't believe that aliens are amoung us considering that he is one. Everyone knows it. How could he not be? Ever see him blink? Me either. Case closed.


steve t said...

Damn Canadian aliens, eh?
I watched the first hour or so of the UFO thing, before switching over to the CSI thing. One thing that struck me was - why does everyone see these things at night, and why do the aliens always have the high beams on? They navigate galaxies and solar systems to get here and then they need four blazing headlights to see where they're going?
Damn, hope I don't get freakin' abducted for bringing this to light!

NYPinTA said...

Oh, you're a gonner now. LOL.