Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My name is NYPinTA, and I'm an addict...

Quote of the Day: "Life is too important to take seriously." Oscar Wilde

CD of the Day: Four Sticks ~ Led Zepplin

Mood: contemplative

Date: 2/16/05

I am addicted to free cell. I can't stop playing it. Evey time my computer slows for just a moment, I am stuck on a problem, or I get a phone call, I can't help but click open a new game. I think I have played every variation there is. For a while, to try and beat my addiction, I tried playing them in numerical oder so that I would know for sure that I did in fact play every single one. The theory being that if I had played them all I would no longer have the desire to do so. But, I only got up to 909 before just gving up and going back to letting the computer choose the game.
I am pretty good at it now. I can complete a game in under two minutes... or at least as far into the game to know I screwed it up and have to start over.
I got so frustrated on one game that I actually turned to the internet to see if anyone had a site with the solution because I heard that every single game can be won. I didn't think I would actually find anything, but this is the internet. There is a site with all the answeres. I just want to know exactly how much more addicted the guy was to the game then I am to not only play every single game, but to devote a website to it.

Other things I am addicted to:

Chocolate milk, especially Garelicks.
Frell Me Dead
Giving generic_screename a hard time... but that is just fun. ;)
Highlander forums and the fan fic contests. (I won one, lost one. I was robbed.)
My cat... which sounds werid, but he is just so damn cute... and stupid. I like my men that way too.
I might be addicted to this blog...
Haikus. Well, I'm not as addicted to them anymore as I used to be. I think I haven't done a haiku in about a month. Do I get a chip for that?
Office supplies. I don't know why, but I love them. Pens, paper, desk accessories that all match, push pins, folders in a rainbow of colors... I need help.


trinamick said...

I'm addicted to Rocket Mania :

And this week, I'm addicted to eBay. I need CDs.

NYPinTA said...

Did you leave a link to Rocket Mania so that I would get addicted to?!
OMG! You're a pusher!!!

I was addicted to Ebay.
Thats where I got my lucky charm that only brings bad luck.

whyHunterwhy said...
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whyHunterwhy said...

Thanks to the both of you. I can see I've got a long night ahead of me with this rocket mania shit.