Friday, February 18, 2005

More Picassoesque discoveries... but safe to read.

Quote of the Day: "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." ~I don't know who said it.

CD of the Day: Queensryche ~Operation Mindcrime Woo Hoo Baby!!!

Mood: TGIF

Date: 2/18/05

My thumb nails are not the same size. The one on my left hand is bigger then on my right. I think it is because when I was three my mother slammed my hand in the car door.. and when I was three car doors were made of lead.
I have no idea where we were going, but I was in the front seat and my older sister was in the back. My mother realized that my sister's door wasn't shut tight, so she got out to fix it and in my sadistic little three year old mind I thought that if I locked the door before my mother could close it tight then the chances were good that while driving down the road the door would open and my sister would fall out. I swear I remember thinking this. (I really didn't like my sister when I was little. I think it is because since the moment I was born she thought I was her toy and was constantly trying to hug me. Ick. I didn't like people touching me when I was a kid. I also remember once doing a mural on the wall in our den of our family... a crayola crayon masterpiece of stick figures. My sister was drawn at the bottom of a lake of quicksand. I really really didn't liker her.)
Naturally my plan backfired and as I was trying to push down the door lock, my mother opened and then reclosed the door with my hand in the jam. I remember looking at my thumb and watching with detached childhood fascination as the blood welled up around the edges of the nail and then gushed. I looked like a champagne fountain at a fancy wedding. The blood just poured out in waves... so I stuck my thumb in my sisters face and said brightly: "Look!" I couldn't make her fall out of the car, but I did get to freak her out. Ha ha. A few days later my thumb nail fell off.


Anonymous said...

I miss your Sister...
(and you but you knew that)

steve t said...

"and said brightly; "Look!""
That's so damn funny. Apparently I used to chew on my baby sister's toes, but thrusting a blood-gushing finger in the face surely beats that.

Thanks for your comment on my stupid "lists" blog (wish I knew how to link in Comments!). There's always the chance that "Hope I die before I get old" will make the top 20.

John said...

How is your mood a restaurant with a bunch of crazy crap on the walls?

NYPinTA said...

Aww.. isn't that cute. You're trying to be funny. ;)