Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I hate tuesdays.

Quote of the Day: "The good people sleep much better then the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy their waking hours much more." Woody Allen

CD of the Day: none, again.

Mood: arrrgggggg

Date: 2/15/05

So far my day sucks. I truely believe that paperwork is going to be the ultimate ruination of Western Society. Paperwork and Barbie.
Ok... Paperwork, Barbie, and stupid people. Today, I had to deal with two outta three.
I could go into detail... but then I would just get angry again and the rest of this post would look like this: #@$#$#^*$&*(&#!#$^&#%&*$%#$@^@%^#&
ect... ect...
But on the up side it is 40 degrees and a co-worker cheered me up with this conversation:
"Something has got to be done about her."
"Who?" I ask.
Co-worker points.
"I can't stand her."
"I don't know how to handle it anymore."
"Drugs?" I suggest helpfully.
Co worker laughs, then says, "I keep hoping god will handle it."
In my mind flashes images of a fiery death and I nearly choke on my water... laughing.
I think I'm going to hell....
Scratch that... Rod Stewart is on the radio singing "Its A Wonderful World." I'm already in hell.

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trinamick said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, it's snowing here and I just heard Glen Campbell singing "Rhinestone Cowboy." If that doesn't make you put a gun barrel in your mouth, nothing will.