Monday, February 07, 2005

Glory Days~ No luck.

Quote of the Day: "Keep making faces like that and your face is gonna freeze." ~Moms across the world.

CD of the Day: see below

Mood: Happy monday only happens once a week.

Date: 2/7/05

Because of a 'retro friday' or some such thing I heard Queensryche's 'Operation Mindcrime' on the radio and since then have wanted to hear the whole amazing album again... but I lost my tape. So, I stopped at K-Mart (what was I thinking?!) to get a copy on CD, and of course they didn't have it. They didn't have any of their albums. Why would I think they did? So, in desperation I bought Guns-N-Roses Greates Hits... and you know, their first album "Appetite for Destruction" is another one of those albums that really kicked ass, and still does.
So, with my substitue purchase I got in my car, fought with the plastic for a bit, and then put it in.
Wow. Almost instantly I could smell Jack Daniels... and cigarettes, and Aqua Net hairspray... in the magenta can.
Wouldn't it be cool if they could put stuff like that on the CD for a fuller sensory experience?
Wonder what Zepplin would smell like?
Oh wait... no I don't. I know what they would smell like, and I'm sure it would land me in jail.

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