Friday, February 25, 2005

An ass and movies

Quote of the Day: "I have a bad feeling about this." Every Star Wars movie and most of the fans as well...

CD of the Day: None. Dead batteries... which would be a cool name for a band.

Mood: kind of annoyed.

Date: 2/25/05

This is the story of the day:
Apparently our accountant was an ass in a Jordach jean commercial.
Uh huh.
Well, part of that is true... heh.
She told us that when she was 17 she was one of the butts in a Jordach commercial with Brooke Shields. What a weird claim to fame that is.
In unrelated news I think my head is going to pop. Because of the Saturn Awards, I have been trying to watch as many movies that got nominated that I didn't see during the year.
In the past week I watched 10 movies. TEN.
1) Spiderman 2
2) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of... somewhere.
3) The Forgotten (which should be)
4) I, Robot
5) Chronicles of Riddick
6) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
7) Butterfly Effect
8) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
9) The Manchurian Candidate
10) The Day After Tomorrow

Skip #'s 3, 5, 7. Sky Captain is cute, but it tries to hard really. And after seeing heroines like Buffy or Aeryn Sun, a spunky reporter chic is kind of boring.
I still have a list of about 6 to see and then I am done, but a few of them aren't in the theaters anymore and won't be out on DVD until after the ceremony on May 3rd.

On that list is:
Finding Neverland- still in theaters
Aviator- ditto
Birth- I don't know. I think this is out already.
Open Water- not looking forward to it since I already don't like the ocean...
The Machinist- was in limited release and isn't playing around here.
National Treasure- won't be out on DVD till I think late May or early June.

How do you vote, or not vote for a movie you haven't seen? How do the members of the Academy do it??
In the DVD Release catagory the original Star Wars trilogy is nominated and although it is probably the best of the bunch I am having a hard time voting for them because: GREDO DID NOT SHOOT FIRST.
At least the Matrix movies, which disappointed some with #2 and 3, are still 'as is'. Disappointing but unaltered. Maybe just for having the guts to put such a hefty price on releasing a trilogy that most people are dissapointed with I'll vote for them. Ha.


Henry said...

Got me wondering--how does the ass look these days. I mean is it still worthy of being in one of those commericals?

Yes that is a weird claim to fame--kind of like tying yourself to a tree...

NYPinTA said...

Well, I didn't tye myself to a tree on TV.

Henry said...

I'd kinda like to see that...

What would you wear?

NYPinTA said...

Polyester baby!

steve t said...

A suggestion - if you don't like the ocean, do NOT see Open water! Frankly, I'd recommend not seeing it anyway - the dumbest ending to a movie ever - even if it was based on a true story. But how would they know? Okay I just ruined it for you - another reason to not see it. You'll thank me someday!

John said...

My Uncle's wife's legs and feet were used in the poster for one of those Beethoven movies.

Her hands were used in a motor oil commercial, the one with Leah Remini. When they cut to the close-up of the bottle, it's my aunt's hands holding it, not Leah's. I guess my question is, how bad do Leah Remini's hands look that they had to use a hand model? Does she have webbed fingers or something?

trinamick said...

I always think it's funny when hand or feet models insure their body parts. Who really thinks their toes are worth $2 million? Come on now. I'd like to insure my jawbone for $5 million. Then if I ever mouthed off to the wrong person and got pimp-slapped, I could say, "You just got me $5 mil, jackass!"

NYPinTA said...

"the dumbest ending to a movie ever - even if it was based on a true story. But how would they know?"

Wait wait wait... they get EATEN? Is that what you are saying!!
OK- I'll cross that off my list of movies to scar my psyche. Thanks.