Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mudslides, tsunamis, & Bush is still president. Oh my!

Quote of the Day: "Have much and be confused." Tao te Ching

CD of the Day: "Carry On" sung by Alana Davis

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Date: 1/11/05

Ok, I have nothing to complain about Bush this week that could be coherently conveyed via this blog so…
On to Mother Nature:
Yesterday on the news they showed amazing footage of a mudslide that happened in La Conchita California due to all the rain they have been getting. The footage was amazingly clear as if the cameras had been pointing at that hill in anticipation of it happening. Which made me wonder: who took it? After searching on the net I did eventually discover that it was a camera crew from KCAL-TV out reporting on a roadway closure that caught the slide on tape. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6811675/)
It amazes me how often the news shows shocking, stunning, & awful footage of Mother Nature and human nature at it’s worst yet they fail to give any details. I feel more like a spectator at a freak show then a person watching the news. “Look at the carnage! The destruction! The horror…. horror!” Thanks guys, but how about some details? For instance: who took the footage? Where were they located?
This lack of detail is especially true of the footage of the tsunami that hit on Dec. 26 in southern Asia. Every day more harrowing images of the wave are shown of the power of the water and yet not once did the anchor say something like: ‘a Swedish tourist in the town of blank took this footage. He and his family survived the wave that was such and such feet in height.’ Instead the pictures flash by and nothing is said. From what I understand the waves were not the same in all areas. Maybe it is because just hearing about what happened is too big for my brain to wrap around that I crave such detail; but the combination of images that are so out of sync with each other can get confusing. I have seen videos of a wave that nothing could possibly (and apparently did not) survive, and others that were nothing more then a sudden and odd nuisance. An unstoppable mud colored wall of debris and garbage vs. a frothy wave that knocked a tourist off his chair but did little more. Which happened where? I have no idea. You would think that watching the news would alleviate such questions instead of creating them. Just having footage of something is not news.

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