Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lucky Charms are magically delicious.

Quote of the Day: "Have much and be confused." Tao te Ching

CD of the Day: Norah Jones "The Coffee Song."

Mood: You'll see.

Date: 1/19/05

My good luck charm isn’t working.
I have invested a lot of faith in this inanimate object to protect me from the trials and tribulations of the day and yet… nada. Nothing. I still get paper cuts, my cat still threw up in my shoe, I was still late for work, paperwork is still fucked up, and Bush is still president. What the hell?!?
I just don’t get it. It’s a GOOD LUCK charm. Where is the good? The luck?
So I should, what, revert to common sense? Pfft. No. I want magic. I want to say a few words and have all the troubles go away. Magic dust would be cool.
True story: When I was in High School a friend of mine and I took a jar of glitter from the Art department (which yes, I do know now is stealing) and we would chase these ducks that inhabited a local pond and throw some on them while saying “You can fly! You can fly!” They never did though. Mostly they ran and made an awful awful sound… that didn’t echo. Moral of the story: kids in High School are in no way mature.
Maybe my problem isn’t bad luck but existing in the chaos of the useless. I read somewhere once that the human brain can only keep 7 things on the mind at one time. What happens when 6 of those things are mundane and pointless? Bad averages that. Only 1/7th of my conscious brain is focused on something important. No wonder I am cranky. I’m too distracted by things that don’t, in the grand scheme of things, matter.
Maybe I need peacock feathers. I heard they ward away bad luck and the evil eye. Yeah… that will work.

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