Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I am a file fairy.

Quote of the day: 'Dammit! Another papercut!' ~ me

CD of the Day: Radio

Mood: kinda foul

Date: 1/26/05

A very large potion of my day consists of putting pieces of paper in folders. Sometimes I photocopy stuff…but then I have to file one of the copies.
How sad is it that I get excited when I open a drawer and pull open the files to the approximate location of where I think the file I am looking for is and open up to it’s exact location? That is pretty sad.
I have on my desk multiple file folders with names like: Stuff I don’t know where to file. Stuff I have to find out where to file. Stuff I can’t find the file to so I can’t file it. Stuff I need to put in alphabetical order before I can even think about venturing into the file closet to put away. And the boring: to be filed.
My hands hurt. I have little nicks and cuts all over them, and the paper pulls any moisture I have in them away so I am constantly washing my hands to get all the dirt and ink off of them so I can put on more hand lotion. I shoulda bought stock in hand cream.
I hate filing.
I need a JK Rowlings like idea to exploit. Some character that the kids just cannot resist. Yeah… that would be cool. I could say I made up the stories just to amuse my niece and nephew like that woman who invented Barney did to keep her kids quiet. (I know a lot of people hate Barney, but come on, that woman is a GENIUS!)
My hands smell like paper. Which I guess could be worse. 5:30… almost time to go home… better finish my filing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of an old song lyric: "Those who know what's best for us/Must rise and save us from ourselves." Not sure why it should surface in a post about southern charms, and certainly no reflection of you NYPinTA. But where could that thought take this discussion?