Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Penguin Hill

Quote of the Day: Oh gawd is it Friday yet???

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Date: 11/17/04

This is a story I wrote for a friend of mine who had a baby. At her shower they wanted to make a book and asked everyone to bring in something for it. It could have been an article on something cool that happened this year, a favorite picture or poem… what have you. I decided to do this instead.

It was a sunny day in Lilly Valley when Purple Monkey met Tony the Rattle Dragon and Skylar Brooke on the shores of Cherry Lake next to Golden Forest. It was spring and they had the whole day to play but were having trouble deciding what to do.
While trying to think of how they could spend the day Tony the Rattle Dragon absent-mindedly plucked a pear from one of the mixed fruit trees that grew along the edge of Golden Forest. Purple Monkey and Skylar Brooke relaxed in the rainbow grass and watched the clouds go by.
“Pick me an apple please Tony?” asked Purple Monkey.
“Yes, pick me one too please Tony,” said Skylar.
After choosing the best apples, the Rattle Dragon sat down in the tall grass next to Purple Monkey. “Look, that cloud looks like a butterfly,” he said, pointing to the sky.
“I see a horse,” said Skylar sitting on the other side of Purple Monkey.
“I do too, and next to it is a sailboat,” Purple Monkey said.
“What should we do today?” Asked Skylar Brooke, still gazing up at the cloud dotted sky.
“We could climb Penguin Hill,” suggested Purple Monkey.
“Penguin Hill? That is very far away,” noted Tony the Rattle Dragon.
“Yes, I know,” replied Purple Monkey.
“How about ‘hide and seek’ instead?” asked Tony.
“I’d rather not,” said Purple Monkey.
“What about a game of ‘pickle’? We haven’t done that for a week.” said Tony.
“No,” Purple Monkey and Skylar said in unison.
“Pirates? You can be the captain this time Purple Monkey,” suggested Skylar.
“I don’t feel like sailing today,” said Tony the Rattle Dragon.
“Me either,” said Purple Monkey.
“Kick ball?” Tony the Rattle Dragon asked hopefully.
“We did that yesterday,” Purple Monkey reminded him.
“We could build a fort in the Golden Forest,” said Tony.
“We already have a fort in Golden Forest,” replied Skylar.
“Yes. We have already done everything before,” Purple Monkey said.
“Then what do you want to do?” Skylar asked.
“I want to climb Penguin Hill.” Purple Monkey said.
“Why do you want to do that?” asked Tony
With a smile Purple monkey said, “Because, we have never done it before.”

Moral of the story: Life is an adventure. Climb the hill.
**Author’s note: But don’t forget to call your parents when you get there so they won’t worry.

NYPinTA 10/04

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