Thursday, November 11, 2004

No Dancing Baby For Me

Quote of the Day: ‘To withhold is to wither.’

Song of the Day: Ain’t Comin’ Home ~ Silvertide

Word of the Day: Random

Mood: Slightly Annoyed

Date: 11/11/04

I didn’t intend to start a blog. I was only trying to respond to someone else’s post and… well, here I am.
I could never keep a diary. I usually get bored after a few months… or my life is too boring to record. LOL.
You be the judge.
My musing for the day is this: Why do people refuse to believe that someone could actually never want children?
My best friend had a child on Sunday. She’s a beautiful baby. Tiny. Pink. I’m sure she will bring them many years of joy and frustration. But as I stood in that delivery room after she was born, not one maternal instinct gave me a nudge. There was no dancing baby.
After I announced the birth to another friend I was immediately asked: Doesn’t it make you want one?
Doesn’t anyone remember their mothers saying to them: If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? I guess that rule only applies to tattoos or when your parents don’t want to buy you something expensive but not to creating a whole new life that you have to be responsible for… forever.
I’ve never had any maternal instincts. Never played with dolls. I don’t have names already picked out if I have a boy or a girl. I. Don’t. Want. Children.


Anonymous said...

But would you date a man that had children-from however-whether or not he was ever married???

NYPinTA said...

Sure. As long as I don't have to give birth and his kids aren't prototypes for Damien I am cool.