Monday, November 29, 2004

Let the shopping begin!

Quote of the Day: “Always be yourself. Unless you suck.” Joss Whedon

CD of the Day: the radio

Mood: Eh.

Date: 11/29/04

Ah, Thanksgiving is over and so the Christmas season is ‘officially’ here. Doesn’t matter that the malls have been decorated for the last month now, but I guess I don’t have much right to bitch since I have had my holiday shopping done for almost five weeks now. I even picked up a few items for myself… including a new computer. (One that I am not typing on right now.)
Not that I am complaining, (except that I am…) but no one in my family ever gets me what I want for Christmas. I have hinted, made lists, cut out pictures and pasted them to the list, provided links to sites that have said items, but it is like a game. Whatever I want is exactly the thing they avoid getting. What does a girl have to do?
It doesn’t so much bother me that I don’t get what I want, but it is what they get me instead that baffles me. I swear, one year my dad bought me a rotating disco ball. With lights. I’m not kidding. I was 27. It looked like something made by K-Tel in the 80s. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? The thing with the odd gifts is it just really makes me wonder just who it is they think I am. For one thing, I hate disco.
Another year my mother bought me an outfit and PJs that were solid ketchup red. I hate red. I won't wear it. The official reason is that it brings out my freckles, but actually I saw this movie once when I was 8 called 'Son of Blob' and the Blob was this large gel mass that was bright red and the movie completely freaked me out and ever since I have hated the color.
So, this year I already placed my orders and will instead just be happy my family took the time out of their lives to stop and buy me a coffee maker... even though I don't drink coffee.

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